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Pageant Rules

Pageant Rules of Participation



Poor sportsmanship of any kind will not be tolerated from any contestants or families. Those displaying acts of poor sportsmanship will be asked to leave without a refund and will not be permitted to return. This includes parental and guest activity within your party.

All Contestants will be notified prior to pageant day a complete schedule of events. Contestants must be registered/checked in before the start of their age division on stage for its first event. Refunds will not be given of any kind to contestants once pageant has begun even if contestants age division has not gone on stage. If you are running late you must contact the director and let us know but MUST still be in place before the start of your age divisions first event.


Pageant Cancellation: In the case of a cancellation on our end, you, the contestant and or parent will have the option to be fully reimbursed within 30 days or have fees transferred to a rescheduled date.

Contestant Cancellation: Deposits are non-refundable. Any cancellations made 30 days before pageant we can transfer your fees towards another pageant. There is a transfer fee of $75 that applies to all cancellations and is non negotiable. This fee covers items such as trophies, tiaras, awards and pageant materials that were already purchased for this pageant you can no longer attend. If you cancel 29 days – hours before the pageant deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

No Show: If you have signed up for a pageant and do not show up on pageant day no refund or credit for future pageants will be given.


During pageant: Parents/families/guests are allowed to take photos of their contestant only. If we have announced photo packages for an upcoming pageant photos are not allowed during the pageant.

After Pageant: All crowned Royalty are required to complete photo opts at conclusion of pageant.

Additional Information:

Beautiful Miss Sunshine Pageants (BMS), vendors & staff are hereby non-liable for any injury, loss of personal property, or theft occurring during or after any BMS Pageants.

Beautiful Miss Sunshine Pageants reserves the right to disqualify any contestant due to unpaid fees.

Photographic images of contestants taken during the pageant along with photo contest winners may be used for future advertisements. You allow Beautiful Miss Sunshine Pageants to reserve the rights to use images in and not limited to various advertisements such as flyers, website, social media, and brochures.



Formal wear Judging is based on facial beauty, overall appearance, personality and projection. 3 years of age & under NO MAKE UP. Ages 4-6 years of age are allowed but not required to wear light make-up such as blush, mascara, or lip gloss. 7 and up are allowed but not required to wear age appropriate make-up.

Each age group will have a beauty line up and individual competition events that will be judged. After the group lineup, each contestant will go on stage one at a time hitting all four X’s. Ages 2 and under must have one adult on stage (child may perform on her own, adult does not have to stand near child), age 3 adult optional, at this time you should get your child to smile, be cute and show personality. No Pro-Am Routines please.

Each age group will come on stage together for a beauty line up before they compete individually. They will line up across the stage and smile for the judges as they score the beauty side awards.

Every contestant for individual competition will simply go on stage hitting all four X’s. We do not want you to go up and down the stage. They may do modeling at this time; however, modeling is not required as you do not receive a modeling score…projection only. We will read out the information submitted on your form and watch to see if it appears you are about through and then say “thank you”.

Attire: You may wear short or long gown, pageant or evening gown, prom or any special occasion, holiday or flower girl dress. Contestant’s ages 0-12 yrs. old may wear a cupcake, short or long gown of choice. Girls ages 13 & up must wear a tea or floor length gown of choice.

Photogenic is judged on clarity & quality, personality, and overall appeal from the photo you turn in to be judged.

Judging scores are final and will not be changed.