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De’Shelle Williams, founder and Owner of Beautiful Miss Sunshine Pageant has recognized the benefits of pageantry through coaching and entering her daughter in various competitions all over the states. With her daughter winning many local, state and national competitions De’Shelle was able to see the many sides of pageantry gaining a complete understanding of both the positives and negatives. She wanted to create a system that is fun, energetic and gives every contestant an opportunity to let their personality shine! Beautiful Miss Sunshine is a family centered environment where contestants may build long lasting friendships as they work to develop stage presence, confidence, display their talents, and build self esteem and poise as they hit the stage.

Beautiful Miss Sunshine has events in Maryland, DC, Delaware and Virginia.

Community service plays an important role in Beautiful Miss Sunshine!  Royalty will participate in community events! We like our contestants to exemplify the grace of the crown by showing their interpersonal skills and sportsmanship with hopes of building upon their future goals and ambitions. We can’t wait to welcome you as apart of our BMS Family!