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Formal wear Judging is based on facial beauty, overall appearance, personality and projection. 3 years of age & under NO MAKE UP. Ages 4-6 years of age are allowed but not required to wear light make-up such as blush, mascara, or lip gloss. 7 and up are allowed but not required to wear age appropriate make-up.

Each age group will have a group line up and optional events that will be judged. After the group lineup, each contestant will go on stage one at a time hitting all four X’s. Ages 2 and under must have one adult on stage, age 3 adult optional, at this time you should get your child to smile, be cute and show personality. No Pro-Am Routines please.

Every contestant simply will go on stage hitting all four X’s, they may do modeling at this time. We will read out the info on your form and watch to see if it appears you are about through and then say “thank you”. We do not want you to go up and down the stage. NO MODELING is required; as you do not receive a modeling score….projection only.

Attire: You may wear short or long gown, pageant or evening gown, prom or any special occasion, holiday or flower girl dress. Contestant’s ages 0-12 yrs. old may wear a cupcake, short or long gown of choice. Girls ages 13 & up must wear a tea or floor length gown of choice.

Photogenic is judged on facial beauty from the photo you turn in to be judged.

Judging scores are final and will not be changed.